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Here at BFO, our knowledgeable and trained pipe fittings specialists help you get the pipe fittings you need & get them to you quickly. Whether your project require stainless steel pipe fittings, brass fittings, ductile iron fittings, cast iron fittings, black pipe fittings or galvanized fittings - our selection is vast and the quality will keep you coming back. That's why when plumbers, mechanical contractors & industry professionals need to purchase pipe fittings - they choose BFO. From easy shopping to diligent order fulfillment - our team is dedicated to providing you the best online fittings & purchasing experience.

Whether you need pipe fittings, flanges, valves, or pipe nipples (available online in stainless steel, black, galvanized or brass) - our catalog and fittings selection lists thousands of items and we have access and the ability to purchase thousands more. So if you don't see it online - reach out to us for a quote! All pipe fittings specifications and technical data is available. If you require MTR's or material certifications - contact us now!


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