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Contact us now if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • I can't find the item I am looking for
  • I am not sure of the part number for the item I need
  • I need help determining which material/thread type/size/specification/etc. my application requires
  • I found the item in your catalog book- but not online
  • Any other questions or concerns not listed

FAQ - Frequently Asked Order Questions

  • What is the standard shipping time for my order?
    • We ship USPS standard 2 day delivery on most orders. If your order is over-sized or requires LTL freight - we will always reach out immediatly to let you know. We will never charge your card for any unauthorized addtional charges that may apply to your order.
  • How do I download the BFO catalog(s)?
    • Add the desired catalogs to your cart
    • Click check out and enter your customer information
    • You will not need to enter any payment information unless you have items in your cart that are being purchased. You will not be charged for the catalog download.
    • Submit you order.
    • Check your email for the download link.
  • Why do I have to reset my password on your new site?
    • We moved our website to a new store to give our customers like you a better and faster shopping experience. When we moved our store, your account information was transferred but your password was not. This is to protect your customer and personal information and security of your data. As a result, all returning customers will have to establish a new password upon their 1st time logging into their account on the new store.
  • Why can't I check out?
    • In May of 2018 - our team faced two options. Raise the prices due to the increased costs of processing orders or require an order minimum online. Instead of raising prices on each item, we instilled a $40 dollar order minimum on all online purchases in an effort to keep many of the other benefits going and to continue offering you the best shopping experience. These benefits include FREE SHIPPING on ground orders over $99, running and current discounts and coupon codes as well as offering the lowest cost and real time shipping rates on all non-ground, LTL freight and expedited orders.