45 Degree Slip Elbows PVC

PVC Fittings 45 Degree Slip Elbows

PVC Fittings Specifications

  • NSF 61 Certified for use with drinking (potable) water
  • Max Temperature: 140°F
  • Max Pressure: Not Rated
  • Resistant to Corrosion
  • Strong, Rigid, Durable
  • ASTM D1784 and D2466
  • PVC standard slip elbows are for making slip to slip corner connections with PVC pipe.
  • Our durable PVC pipe elbows are available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • These slip PVC elbow fittings are ideal for sprinkler system installations and low pressure plumbing applications, where long runs of PVC pipe are being installed, and have to turn to accommodate foundations and landscape features.
  • Make installations fast, easy, and inexpensive with our reliable standard slip PVC elbows.
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