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Plumber's 3-Wrap Red Waterline PTFE Thread Seal

Plumber's 3-Wrap Red Waterline PTFE Thread Seal

3-Wrap Red Waterline Tape 3-Wrap Red Waterline Tape

Applications, Specifications and Install Information

  • Mill-Rose 3-Wrap Red Thread Sealing Tape is a PTFE tape designed specifically to seal lines carrying steam, water and other liquids. This is a full or maximum-density tape. Unlike most thread sealing tapes on the market, 3-Wrap tape has not been stretched during the manufacturing process. Stretching lowers the apparent density of tape by increasing its porosity. As stretched tape is more porous, more tape is required to obtain an effective seal.
  • Applications: Use 3-Wrap Red Waterline Tape on pipe made from galvanized steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, ABS and fiberglass.
  • Specifications: 3-Wrap Red Waterline Tape is certified to comply with the provisions of A-A58092. For specification details, please call our Customer Service Department. For safety considerations, please consult available material safety data sheets.
  • Approvals: Approved by Water and Sewage Authorities world-wide. Reference Mill-Rose specification sheet for additional uses and applications.
  • 3-Wrap Red Waterline Tape is available in self-dispensing wall and counter displays, or carded for pegboard display.
  • Just 3 wraps for leak-proof joints.

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