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Giving Back (Charities)

BFO Buyfittingsonline (A division of QMC Technologies, Inc) strongly believes that what is given to us should be shared. We believe it should be shared with those who are less fortunate and are not afforded the plentiful opportunities we as American's can often take for granted.

For over 10 years we have sponsored children in foreign and poor countries to provide these children with food, shelter, education and a chance at survival - all things that these children view as a gift and struggle daily to acquire without programs such as Unbound. Unbound is an international nonprofit founded to put the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable first.

We build relationships of mutual respect and support that bridge the cultural, religious and economic divides. We invite all people of good will to join us. Working side by side with people of diverse faith traditions in 20 countries, we bring people together to challenge poverty in new and innovative ways. We inspire confidence and offer opportunity and encouragement to children and families living on the margins of society. We create practical and trustworthy means for people to help others and nurture human connections that uplift us all.

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Other Charitable Causes: