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T&P Relief Valves (Hubbell)

T&P Relief Valves (Hubbell)

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T&P Relief Valves

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With an innovative spirit, Hubbell announces another game-changing product! The industry's first 316L stainless steel combination temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve that's ASME stamped, ANSI approved, CSA certified, and specifically designed for use in ultrapure RO/DI water heating systems. In the past, options for T&P relief valves suited for use in RO/DI water heating systems were non-existent; until now!

The majority of hot RO/DI systems in operation use a brass pressure-only relief valve that lacks temperature relieving capability, easily corrodes, may not meet ASME standards or local plumbing installation codes and ultimately jeopardizes the integrity of the RO/DI system. With this in mind, Hubbell is proud to introduce the only 316L stainless steel temperature & pressure relief valve with all 316L stainless steel metallic parts for improved safety of any hot RO/DI water heating system without compromising water purity or quality, adding years of worry-free service.

Finally you can specify and install a T&P relief valve designed for hot RO/DI water that eliminates any questions or concerns and adds no contaminants...a Pure winner!