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1/4 in. Pressure Snubber, Porosity: 20 um 9000 PSI, Brass Body, Includes: 5 different porosity elements per package

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Catalog & Technical Specifications

• Applications: Protect pressure instruments from sudden pressure surges and fluctuations providing more accurate gauge readings • Construction: Solid brass housing with porous bronze element • Can be used for mini in-line filters • 5 different porosity elements per package,
allows each user to adjust snubbing capacity for the specific application

• Materials: Body: Brass
• Element: Sintered Bronze
• Max Operating Pressure: 9000PSI
• Temperature: 35° to 300°F

Recommended Element Porosity Rating (5 Different Porosity Elements Per Package)
Rating Color Recommended Application
• 40 um None Viscous Fluids (over 500 ssu)
30 um Black Med. Type Oils (225 to 500 ssu)
25 um Brown Water & LT. Oils (30 to 25 ssu)
20 um Green Low Viscosity Fluids Fluids (under 30 ssu)
10 um Red Air and Other Gases
5 um Purple Air and Other Gases

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Additional Information

Size (inches):
.250 (1/4")
Product Type:
Pressure Snubber
Category Type:
Weight (lbs):
From Import
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