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Suction Foot Valves

Suction Foot Valves



These Foot Valves are used on the suction ends of water hoses to keep the pump primed. The foot valve only allows the fluid to flow in one direction towards the pump and stops the water from draining back into the tank under the force of gravity. They come complete with a strainer built in, which prevents debris from entering the suction hose and therefore keeping your pump safe. Replacement parts are available which include: the Strainer, Neoprene Flapper with Weight, the Neoprene Flapper and the Steel Plate.

PDF downloadsFoot Valve Data Sheet

Applications: For Water Service Only (Not for compressed air or gases)

  • Description:
  • Heavy and Robust Cast Iron Construction, painted red.
  • Complete with built in strainer firmly connected with plated Steel nuts and bolts.
  • Female NPT Thread.
  • Uses: 
  • For Water Service. (Not for compressed air or gases)
  • Economic option for getting or removing water.
  • Irrigation: Sourcing and pumping water from streams and ponds.
  • Drainage: Often used on construction sites to remove excess water.
  • Advantages:
  • Keeps the suction hose primed.
  • Protects pumps from debris.
  • Sturdy design ensures that these heavy valves will remain at the bottom of the water source.
  • Operation:
  • Prevents water from draining out the suction hose by means of a neoprene flapper that closes the valve gate when water flows backwards.
  • This one-way flow of water helps to prevent the pump from losing its prime when it is not in operation.
  • Built in strainer prevents debris entering the suction hose, thus keeping your pump safe.
  • Installation:
  • Installed at the submerged end of a water suction hose.
  • To be installed vertically for proper operation.
  • Has a female NPT thread for easy installation onto a Hose with Male NPT Thread.
  • Material:
  • Cast Iron usually painted red or blue.