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Lead Free Brass Close Nipples

Lead Free Brass Close Nipples

Brass Pipe Nipples, Lead Free NPT Schedule 40

Lead-free brass replaces the lead with silicon, bismuth or mixed copper alloys to ensure safe potable drinking water in accordance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. These nipples are a measured short piece of pipe with NPT male pipe threads at both ends used to connect two female threaded pipes or fittings. The length of the nipple is specified by the overall length including the threads. Brass nipples are best known for their incredible strength and excellent ductility (measure of a metal's ability to withstand tensile stress) in high temperatures. Brass nipples are commonly used in plumbing applications and hot water distribution lines. Brass features great corrosion resistance from salt water, acids, minerals, and peaty soils contained in water. Brass is a soft metal that is easy to install and creates a tight seal. It offers many of the same advantages of copper, but brass provides a heavier wall.

  • Schedule 40- CLOSE Nipples
  • Lead Free Brass Pipe
  • Seamless red brass pipe conforms to ASTM B43
  • Seamless red brass nipples conform to ASTM B687
  • NPT threads on nipples conform to ASME B1.20.1
  • Require your items to be Certified to CA AB1953 Lead Free or Made in USA? These items are available upon request! Contact Us Now!