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2 in. Male NPT Threaded - Polycarbonate In-line Sight Glass Tube (Light Weight) 7mm Thick

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Applications / Specifications:

Applications:Widely used in the chemical & Petroleum industries as well as in Agriculture, Material Handling and in Construction.

These Polycarbonate Threaded Sight Glass Tubes are also called Sight Glass Nipples. They have Male NPT Threads one either ends and therefore screw in-line into Female NPT Threads.
They are used to enable a constant view of what is flowing in a system at all times. They are designed to be impact resistant and can withstand prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

  • Description:
  •  8" Long Threaded Polycarbonate Sight Glass Tube.
  •  Male NPT Threads on either end.
  • Uses: 
  •  To view the flow in-line at all times.
  •  Widely used in standard Fuel and Dry bulk applications.
  •  Often installed between industrial hose and other equipment like a pump or a truck.
  •  Useful to see whats flowing through Sludge waste lines, separators and storage tank drain lines.
  •  Recommended for use on Drain lines. (Not on Flow Lines)
  • Advantages:
  •  Constant access to view your in-line flow.
  •  Impact/Shatter-Resistant.
  •  Ultraviolet (UV) ray Resistant.
  •  Comes with Blue Thread protector caps.
  • Operation:
  •  Functions as a simple Sight Glass alowing the constant view of the in-line flow.
  • Installation:
  •  Male NPT Threads will install easily into any Female NPT threads of the same size.
  • Safety Warnings:
  •  Do not use pipe wrench on the sight glass- always tighten the metal connecting pieces instead.
  •  Do not tighten or loosen under pressure.
  •  Do not use on Flow lines, only on drain lines.
  • Material:
  • Polycarbonate
  • Light Weight (7mm thick)
  • Temperature Rating -50°F to 185°F
  • Working Pressure 500 PSI
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Additional Information

Size (inches):
2.00 (2")
Material Type:
Product Type:
Camlock Sight Glass
Weight (lbs):
From Import
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