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Square Hole Strainers

Square Hole Strainers

Threaded - Square Hole Strainer / Suction Hose Pump Strainer - Zinc Plated Steel.

These Pump Suction Hose Strainers are also called Square Hole Basket Strainers. They have Female NPSM Threads and therefore screw onto the Male NPT Threads of a Suction Hose.
They are typically used when foot valves are not required. They are designed to be installed onto the submerged suction hose end and prevent larger pieces of debris from entering the suction hose.
Being Zinc Plate Steel they provide rust and corrosion resistance. 

  • Description:
  •  Round Basket Shaped with square holes also called basket strainers.
  •  The top of the basket is threaded with Female Standard Straight Thread (NPSM).
  •  The basket is has large square holes.
  • Uses: 
  •  To keep large debris out.
  •  To protect suction pumps from clogging or damaged.
  • Advantages:
  •  Zinc Plated for rust and corrosion protection.
  •  Large Square holes Allow a greater flow than round hole strainers
  • Operation:
  •  works like a simple filter keeping larger debris out that is larger than the hole size on the basket.
  • Installation:
  •  These pump strainers screw into the Male NPT Thread of a suction hose.
  • Material:
  •  Zinc Plated Steel