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3/8 in. Male Flare x 3/8 in. Female Flare x 3/8 in. Male Flare, Adapter Tee Stainless Steel Beverage Fitting

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(Male Flare)
(Female Flare)
(Male Flare)
BEV-473 1/4" (7/16-20) 1/4" (7/16-20) 1/4" (7/16-20) 1.85" (47.0 mm) 1.13" (28.7 mm)
BEV-474 1/4" (7/16-20) 3/8" (5/8-18) 1/4" (7/16-20) 1.98" (50.3 mm) 1.13" (28.7 mm)
BEV-475 3/8" (5/8-18) 3/8" (5/8-18) 1/4" (7/16-20) 2.28" (57.9 mm) 1.31" (33.3 mm)
BEV-476 3/8" (5/8-18) 3/8" (5/8-18) 3/8" (5/8-18) 2.11" (53.6 mm) 1.31" (33.3 mm)



  • Fittings made of stainless steel are durable, reusable and perform better over time than plastic fittings, which can deteriorate and leak.
  • Our fittings are precision-tooled for consistently clean welds and sharp barbs, ensuring a tight fit without leakage under pressure.
  • Our stainless steel fittings are made from a combination of 303 and 304 materials.
  • Type 303 is certified to either ASTM A581/A582 or AMS 5640.
  • Type 304 is certified to AMS 5639 or ASTM A479.
  • In cases where tubing is used, it is 304 stainless steel certified to ASTM A269.
  • All of the stainless steel that enters our plant is certified by the steel mill from which we purchase.
  • Copies of these certifications will be furnished upon request.
  • Our fittings are periodically tested for sulfur and leachable iron content by an independent, bonded testing laboratory.
  • Reports on the test will be furnished upon request.
  • All stainless steel fittings are passivated per ASTM A967 to meet the standards of major food and beverage companies.
  • All fittings are made of stainless steel except for nickel-plated brass nuts and brass check valves.
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Additional Information

Size (inches):
.375 (3/8")
Product Type:
Tee Adapter
Category Type:
Beverage Fittings
End Connection:
Female Flare x Male Flare
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