Stainless Steel Winter Sale

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Winter Sale - Pipe Fittings, Camlocks, Pipe Flanges, Valves & Nipples - Black

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When winter storms hit and shut down entire cities - we know the risk when they effect your operation as well. While you wait for your parts to arrive, the disruptions and delays can be costly.

That's why when you partner with BFO - you don't have to worry.

While your competitor's parts sit on a truck waiting for the roads to clear - you can have peace of mind knowing that BFO has your back & your order.

How do we do it? We're glad you asked!

We have multiple shipping locations throughout the entire country!

We have access to thousands of fittings, flanges, nipples & camlocks, Tri-Clamps, ball valves in stainless steel, black, galvanized, forged carbon steel, brass & more!

Plus - once you've placed your order - we keep you in the loop right up to delivery at your door. And for some reason - should there be a delay - we're already on it - notifying you with the updated information.

So whether your knee deep in snow or sitting on the sunny east coast - our team is able to get you the you need fittings quick and efficiently to keep your operation flowing smoothly!

And as always - free shipping for online ground orders over $99!