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Flexibility to Keep Your Operation Flowing Smoothly.

Flexibility to Keep Your Operation Flowing Smoothly.

Every company is unique and has different needs. 

Need stainless steel pipe fittings? 304 or 316? We have both! How about black pipe fittings in 150 lb. AND 300 lb? No problem! We've got your covered! Galvanized pipe fittings AND nipples? Those are right here.

Our partnership goal - is to offer you a wide range of fittings,  flanges, valves & nipples. And whether you want to place an order over the phone, send your list to us or shop online, the goal remains the same. That you experience simplicity and ease when placing your order.

We love diversification and maximizing the options we offer to provide an exceptional experience from quote to online shopping right through to delivery.

Need to place an order from the field? With the ability to build your discounts and volume pricing into your business account - we can ensure that you receive your savings whether you order from your desktop or your mobile device.

But we don't stop there. We expanded these same concepts to Ways2Pay.

We currently offer 7 different payment methods, with our newest addition: Amazon Pay.

Prefer to establish  commercial credit, aggregate air miles from major credit cards, or use Paypal? Use one payment method for one order - or use the same Ways2Pay for all orders. The choice is yours.

We provide the options you want to get the fittings you need.

You've worked hard to distinguish yourself from the other guys! A partnership with BFO - means a partner who understands that not every company fits the typical cookie cutter dynamics. And they shouldn't have to.

Partner with us. Because when you succeed, so do we!

See you online!

The BFO Team

Apr 29th 2019 The BFO Team

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