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We Know 2 Things.

We Know 2 Things.

We know 2 things. 

1. Your time is valuable and buying should be the quickest function of your job.

2. You deserve an exceptional experience each and every time - from RFQ to delivery.

So what does our team do with these 2 pieces of knowledge? We're glad you asked. 

We've implemented a team of technical fittings specialists to help you find what you need. Whether you're seeking fittings in stainless steel, black, brass (lead free too-) galvanized or even ductile/cast iron...the list goes on - our team possesses a robust amount of knowledge to make sure that the fittings you select will be ready to implement into your application as soon as they arrive. 

Based on the application information you provide us - we can guide you through the purchasing process to provide peace of mind that you are getting the right items at the right price for your projects.

Sure, we could sell you a stainless steel sanitary fitting with a more expensive finish. But if you don't need it, we won't up-sell you on it. Maybe your application doesn't require 316 stainless steel. We will find you the same one in 304 stainless and put those dollars back in your pocket.

And if you don't see the item you need online? No worries. We have a "if you need it, we will get it" mindset. And all of our new product additions are based on searches from customers like you.

Getting your order to us....

We've instituted multiple ways to get us your order. Don't feel like shopping online? No problem. Send us your list and we gather all of your fittings, flanges, valves, nipples - and whatever other items you need - we can build your cart and send you the total for order approval. 

Do you feel like talking with someone?

When you call - you're directly connected with our team members right here in our facility in New York. No long dial menus, foreign call centers or waiting on hold.

How about live chat? Same thing here! No chat robots or click menus - just hit chat and you will be directly connected to a fittings specialist ready to assist.

And finally but most importantly... our firm belief that you should experience exceptional service - from start to finish. From our quality promise to diligent order fulfillment - you deserve to get the right order each and every single time with fittings that are designed with quality and longevity in mind.  

We are always open to learning more about the people that empower us to continue moving forward - YOU! 

What can we do to make your job easier and to enhance your experience with us?

Thanks for stopping by & see you online!

BFO Ecommerce Team

Apr 29th 2019 The BFO Team

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