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Flared Plugs SAE 45 Flare

Flared Plugs SAE 45 Flare

Flared Plugs SAE 45 Flare Brass SAE Tube FittingsView Sizing

Install/Assembly Instructions  |  Material Specifications & Working Pressures

  • Typical Application: LP and natural gas, flammable liquids, instrumentation, refrigeration, power steering, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Used with: Copper, Brass, Aluminum and Steel Hydraulic Tubing that can be flared
  • Standards: ASA, ASME, SAE and Military Standards (MS)
  • Vibration: Good resistance. Use longer nut when greater vibration resistance is required
  • Tolerance: +/-.03 on all dimensions. Data can change without notice - please inquire when dimensions are critical
  • Working Pressure Ranges Guide: Temperature and type of tubing used are important factors