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Beer Stem

Beer Stem

Beer Stem, Nickel Plated Brass Beverage Fitting

When it comes to serving beer, we offer a wide-range of high-quality products for your specific application. Our selection includes beer hex and wing nuts, washers, barbed elbows, beer stems and tail pieces, many types of manifolds, and wall-mounted adapters. Other items include wort chillers, gas nipples, jug growler fittings, faucet levers, and CO2 wrenches. When you’re wanting to dispense the coldest and finest-tasting beer possible, our products are your best choice.

  • Stainless steel fittings are made from a combination of 303 & 304 materials.
  • Type 303 is certified to either ASTM A581/A582 or AMS 5640.
  • Type 304 is certified to AMS 5639 or ASTM A479.
  • In cases where tubing is used, it is 304 stainless steel certified to ASTM A269.
  • All fittings are made of stainless steel except the swivel nuts which are nickel plated brass.
  • All male threads are rolled rather than cut. No exceptions.
  • All of the stainless steel that enters our plant is certified by the steel mill from which we purchase.
  • We can provide copies of these certifications to any customer.
  • All stainless steel fittings are passivated to meet the standards of major food and beverage companies.