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Port Connectors

Port Connectors

Port Connector - 316 Stainless Steel Compression Tube Fitting

Port Connectors - Double Ferrule 316 Stainless Steel Compression Tube Fittings

PDF downloadsOperating Pressures & Temperatures: SS Compression Tubing

PDF downloadsPort Connectors (PC) - Data Sheet / Dimensions / Crossovers

Tube stub connectors are designed to eliminate difficult alignment issues, reduce from or increase to one tube system size to another, convert between fractional and metric tube connections, or create non-standard configurations by assembling with standard stock items in both single ferrule and double ferrule designs.

Port Connectors are useful for close connection of two BFO-Lok ports.

  • Uses include: instrumentation, high pressure and temperature, cryogenic service, and process and control systems where high-quality tube fittings are required.
  • These tube fittings are designed using industrial codes and specifications with additional cutting-edge engineering on swaging action and sealing integrity.
  • They also provide excellent leak-fee sealing on high pressure gas, vacuum, impulse, thermal shock, heavy vibration and many other stringent applications.
  • All tube fittings are double ferrule and consist of a body, front ferrule, back ferrule and nut.
  • Stainless steel bar stock conforms to ASTM A276, ASTM 479, ASME SA479 and JIS GA 303
  • Stainless steel forged fittings conform to ASTM A182, ASME SA 182 and JIS G3214
  • The pressure rating of a BFO Tube Fitting is rated to the working pressure of the connective tubing.
  • *CAD and engineers drawings available upon request.